Some of the most collectible Rolex watches, which ones do you like?

When it comes to this watch, many people are the first to think of Rolex, why would they think of Rolex? Because Rolex’s fame is really too big. I believe that we have heard such a phrase before, Rolex is currently the only watch that can be directly exchanged for gold. Even the world’s top watches, Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin, do not have the same treatment as Rolex. So many people think of Rolex when they mention watches, and many watch lovers will undoubtedly like Rolex, so which are the most collectible Rolex watches? Today I’m here to talk to you about the most collectible Rolex watches, see which ones you like?

The first one is the Rolex Green Ghost. Watch lovers should know that the price of Rolex water ghosts has broken seven in the last two years. Although many people know that the Rolex work price are relatively high, but last year’s time broke seven, or let some people can not accept. Because many people have long looked at the Rolex Green Ghost, but think that the price is more expensive, thinking that after a few years the watch should fall in price, but did not think that the Green Ghost has been rising since last year exceeded the fair price. Now there is an industry analysis that the Green Ghost is estimated to break 8. Some say that the Green Ghost will break 8 and then 9, which is really frightening to many watch lovers.

Many people also feel that the Rolex Green Ghost is not very good looking, but many people feel that once the Rolex Green Ghost is taken out, others will know that it is a Rolex, Luxury UK Rolex Replica Watches which is also a symbol of status watches. Some people even joke that to buy a bag you have to buy Hermes, to buy a watch you have to buy a Rolex. When you buy a Rolex watch, you will think of the Rolex Black Ghost and the Green Ghost, and this Green Ghost is naturally the first choice. The value of the Green Ghost is also not to be underestimated.

The second model is the Rolex Black Ghost. The Rolex Black Ghost, like the Rolex Green Ghost, has been a hot watch in the last two years. I believe many people will feel that Rolex’s Black Ghost is, in fact, not very technical, just a change in shape from the previous one, and is very similar to the Green Ghost.

Many people will feel that the green turtle is quite expensive, but the black ghost is not how expensive, in fact, before I also feel that the black ghost is not very expensive, because the black ghost is more conventional Rolex does not look very eye-catching, but you now go to look at the black ghost market, you will find that the black ghost although said not all at once up to a very high price, but he is step by step slowly up now, the price is also very high. According to this rise then, the value of the black ghost collection is also good. Although the Rolex black ghost is not as eye-catching as the green ghost’s colour, but the Rolex black ghost is really more suitable for formal wear, looks very formal, also more generous.

The third model is Rolex’s ceramic-rimmed steel-cased Daytona. The name seems to be a bit of a mouthful, but in my opinion, the difference between this Rolex watch and the Rolex Black Ghost and Green Ghost is not that great. When it first came out, the Rolex Diagonal with ceramic bezel and steel case was offered at $95,000. Even if it was slightly off, it was still around $100,000, but then it slowly started to rise in price to something like $110,000 to $120,000. But in recent years, many people have found that this ceramic-ringed, steel-cased Diagonal by Rolex has gone up to a price that many people can’t believe.

Why is it so early? In fact, if you go and look at this ceramic, all-steel cased Rolex Daytona now, you will find that one of its pre-owned ones has gone up to $130,000. In other words, even the second-hand price of a Rolex ceramic-rimmed steel-cased Ditoner is more expensive than a new watch back in the day. So not to mention how much more expensive Rolex’s gold watches are? So buy this ceramic-rimmed steel-cased Diagonal by Rolex, it’s also a great collector’s item.

What are the best Rolex watches to get your hands on?

Rolex watches are arguably the undisputed king of watches today. Although they are no match for Patek Philippe or Vacheron Constantin in terms of brand value, Rolex leads the world in terms of sales. Many people’s lifelong wish is to buy a high-end Rolex watch, a classic that cannot be replicated. Just as women love Hermes bags, Rolex watches have become a driving force for men to make money.

I still remember watching Hong Kong movies where the important characters wore a Rolex watch. The big gold watches in particular were extremely dazzling. There are many Rolex models that are cost effective, perform well and worth getting, so here’s a little inventory!

Greenwich type

First of all, I have to say the Greenwich model. The magical Greenwich bezel comes in two different colours,top quality replica omega representing night and day. Originally it was used by aviators to check the time of day in different regions and was used for flights, aeroplane flights and other purposes. The “Coke ring” that has survived is very elaborate. Unlike other watches, the Greenwich model is often decorated with diamonds and is very ornate. Ideal for travel and parties, it is a beautiful watch that is sure to attract a large number of fans with its good looks.

The Diary

In the 1940s, the world’s first self-winding watch with a calendar window on the dial was created – the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Logbook. In all seriousness, the essential difference between the Oyster Perpetual and the Log is the presence or absence of a calendar window. A timeless aesthetic that has survived the years, making it the most recognisable of Rolex watches. With a case guaranteed to be water-resistant to 100 metres (330 feet), the Day-Date 31 is a model of sturdiness and elegance. The exquisite middle case is cast in 18ct solid gold, 18ct white gold and 18ct perpetual rose gold. The case is sealed by the Rolex watchmaker using a brand specific special tool to tighten the delicate pit back cover so that only the Rolex watchmaker has access to the movement. The winding crown is fitted with a double locking and double waterproofing system and is screwed securely to the case. The mirror is made of blue crystal and is not easily scratched. a small window convex lens at 3 o’clock makes it easy to read the calendar. The water-resistant oyster case provides the best protection for the high-precision movement of the Log 31.


The Rolex Submariner is what everyone calls a “green or black water ghost”.

The Submariner is made of the same scratch-resistant sapphire crystal as the original, with a 3 o’clock small window convex lens magnifying the calendar at 2.5x, coated with the same highly translucent blue film as the original and a 6 o’clock crown security marker at the top; green dial, easy-to-read display with long-lasting ice blue luminescent material, rhodium-plated central hands, clear crown markers and code markers engraved on the inner bezel; equipped with an 8215 automatic winding mechanical movement, superbly crafted three-row link oyster-style strap with patented, accidental opening prevention clasp and textured 316L stainless steel. Submariner 116610LV Black and White Aquatimer; 316L fine steel casing, 40 * 13 mm calibre; 60-minute progressive scale unidirectional rotating bezel with scratch-resistant ceramic material, number and scale of platinum coatings, colour and depth of scale exactly as in the original.

It goes without saying that the price of a Water Ghost watch is certainly extremely expensive. Nowadays there are a bit too many brands that counterfeit water ghost watches, all copying them. However, the Green and Black Water Ghosts are impeccable both in terms of styling and value for money, and they are perfect in their details. It’s no wonder that anyone who sees it, wants to take it down.